The House Diet

5 Nov

I am putting my house on a diet!  Why?  Well, as my husband puts it, “Why should we pay to move crap?”  We’ve been meeting with moving companies for estimates and as they vie for our business, we cringe at the dollar amounts being flashed before us.

Moving estimates are based (for the most part) on how much your stuff weighs.  What we have learned in the process is that our stuff weighs a lot!  Actually, we have been told that we are about average weight for a house this size, but it is my goal to slim down and purge all of the unnecessary items that we have carted with us over the course of two other moves; things that we still never unpacked after the last move!

Actually, if you think about it, the whole business of hiring a moving company, while convenient, is also a very invasive one.

Says the moving company: We first inventory your house and estimate a weight of its contents.  We pack the items that you want us to and them load them onto our truck.  Once the truck is loaded we drive onto a scale to get the actual weight.  A moving crew then drives your shipment to your new house and when they arrive, they unpack for you. 

My interpretation: First we will come into your home and look in every nook and cranny at all of your stuff.  We will carry a clipboard around with us to make us appear extra authoritative and we will ask you a lot of personal questions such as, “What is in those drawers?” and “What do you keep in your closet?”  We will then, if you are willing to pay for it, take each and every item that you own (panties and other unmentionables included) and wrap them up in a super deluxe box with a ton of padding.  Then, we will put all of your stuff on a truck and weigh it to figure out EXACTLY what your life’s content weighs.    We will then have a group of guys drive half way across the country with your stuff and they will even stay overnight with it if necessary.  When we arrive at the destination point, we will once again manhandle all of your items as we unpack them and place them about your new house. Upon completion of these tasks, we will ask you to hand over to us a huge sum of money.

And so, I suddenly find myself looking at everything in our house,  guesstimating what the scale would say about it, and deciding if it is worth moving it.  Speaking of scales, I considered donating ours simply because it is extra weight.  I have definitely developed a much more discerning eye when it comes to deciding what to keep, sell, donate or discard.  Here are the new rules:

1)  If we can’t consume it, it doesn’t come into the house.

2) Purge as much as possible. That which is no longer of use to us will NOT be making the trip.

I can say that it feels good to make these possession edits and I haven’t been over thinking whether or not to keep something.   I just hope that when we arrive in Minnesota my husband doesn’t ask me where certain tools or articles of his clothing are because more than likely, they have found a new home.


2 Responses to “The House Diet”

  1. stellarfashionandfitness November 6, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    As I’m hoping to move sometime in the next 6 months or so too, I need to do this as well! I keep thinking, “There’s a trunk in your closet with stuff in it that you haven’t touched for a year and a half. What is in there???” Likely, it can all get tossed. I’m going to take this post as a challenge for myself to put my house on a diet too!

    • sneezinginwindyplaces November 7, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

      Good Luck, Jen. I feel like there are perpetual piles in my house: the DONATE pile, the SELL pile, and the TRASH pile. I hate the piles, but clearing the clutter feels so good.

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