I am a mother, wife, former teacher, artist, and professional daydreamer.  I have some stuff to say.  This “stuff” runs through my head on a daily basis, so I figured that I should let it all rest…somewhere.  Why not a blog?   Said “stuff” is in no way focused or concise.  It is merely “stuff.”  But that is how my head works—never tidy, forever grinding gears, and perpetually fixed on the question of “what’s next?” I pretty much feel like I have a caffeine IV hooked up to my brain.  Perhaps this is a medical condition.  Should I be worried? Maybe I should see a shrink.

Speaking of my inability to focus…should anyone actually read this blog on a regular basis, I will warn you now that it might not always look the same.  I tend to get bored with the same thing for too long (except for my husband) so I am sure that I will eventually change the design and layout of the blog one, two, or twenty times.  Damn you, WordPress, for offering so many choices!

I tend to have an addictive personality, not toward anything that alters my state of mind or physical well-being, but more towards parts that can later become a whole  (paint swatches, fabric scraps, words, sewing patterns.)  Creativity seeps through me and, at times, paralyzes me because it hinders my already confessed inability to focus.  As already stated, too many choices scare me.  When presented with myriad choices, I am prone to choose nothing at all and instead continue to just collect ideas or daydream about all of the possibilities.  It has literally taken me WEEKS to set this blog up.

I started this blog as a means of purging my mind of its….sorry, I lost focus.  Basically, I want to write about “stuff” that matters to me-motherhood, wifehood, creativehood.  And, I like to make up words.

Why the name Sneezing in Windy Places?  Well, I am forever writing stories in my head.  As things happen in my life, I feel like there is a teeny-tiny narrator inhabiting my head who eloquently restates the events happening around me.  (By- the-way, that narrator’s name is Steve, he speaks with a Southern accent, and he likes to wear scarves.)  (By-by-the- way—that is like a P.P.S.—just because there is a little man in my head it doesn’t make me crazy.  I am sure that anyone else with creative tendencies can relate to the feeling of wanting to turn one thing into something else for others to take in.)  While the title, Sneezing in Windy Places sounds like some horrible plot for contaminating anyone standing down-wind, it is really just a creative way of saying, “I like to share.”

And, if no one ends up reading this blog, that’s okay.  I just feels good to get it all out.  But, should the powers that be in Hollywood just so happen to get their hands on these cyber pages and decide that what I have to say is oh-so-enlightening and captivating that it is worthy enough to be made into one of those hip moving pictures (i.e. Julie and Julia), I simply ask that the lovely Sandra Bullock play the part of me.  Oh, and also that anything embarrassing that might come out in these pages be swept under the rug in said moving picture (especially if it’s something that my relatives will take issue with.  I still like to get birthday presents!  🙂 )


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